Damage hair

Survival Guide for Bleached & Damaged Hair


I’ve been bleaching my hair since a very young age and it’s really important to me that my hair looks healthy after everything I put it through. Maintaining bleached blonde hair is not an easy task but with the right products and care you hair can still be strong and healthy.  

 Here are so of my go to products that I use on a daily basis to take care of my blonde hair. This is what is currently works for me, everyone’s hair is different. Please share with me what works for you! 


For Dryness and Damage:  

 - Olaplex No. 3, $28, Nordstrom.com

This treatment helps strengthen your hair bond and prevents your hair from looking like a pile of dry straw.  



For Moisture: I normally will try to treat my hair to a hair mask at least twice a week, especially with this Miami heat, check out some of my faves below!

-it’s A 10 Miracle Hair Mask, $31, Ulta.com

This Miracle mask is not only for blonde hair but for dry hair in general. The name says it all, it’s a miracle! This mask has a mixture of oils that help hydrate your hair to give it a shiny, smooth & frizz free texture.  


-Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask $43 Sephora.com

I swear by this mask to give my hair an instant boost of hydration. The best feature of this product is that it’s for every type of hair. This mask is rich in Aragon oil and nourishing ingredients, it helps improve texture, elasticity and shine.



To maintain you Blonde color: 

The color of your hair will, always, look it’s best when you first dye it and a couple of days after that, the Honey Moon Phase. After a couple of washes, you may notice that your starts loosing the desired color and can turn yellowish. For this reason, you should be using  purple shampoos, to help bring out the desired color, which in my case is more ashy. A brand I love to use is: 


Tone it down shampoo $12 Eva-nyc.com


Tone it down Coditioner $12



I do not recommend daily use of this shampoo because purple shampoos dry your hair, instead use two to three times a week.


Favorite Hair Oils: 

 Use oils to help moisture your hair after using heat to style it. These oils will give you the perfect shine and have you looking selfie ready.

Pearl Hair Oil, $28, pearlhaircare.com

This oil is perfect to use at the end of your hair. It will enrich and nourish your hair with natural oils and it will, also, protect it from UVA/UVB.


Ouai Oil, $28, Sephora.com

I use this oil everyday! After I blow dry my hair I put it on to give me a little shine and to smooth my dry ends. This product will make your hair look and feel silky while it hydrates, it doesn’t feel heavy, and you won’t feel like you have greasy hair at the end of the day.


- Diamond Oil, $32, ulta.com

I use this product before I blow dry my hair daily. It protects the hair from the heat of my styling tools and it will major shine.  If there was one product that I had to chose to use it would be this one since it’s preventative in addition to helping giving my hair life.


 For the Buck:

Homemade hair mask that helps restore and hydrate your damaged hair:

Mom’s recipe (no joke), my mom was the one who passed this hair mask down to me.  

Eggs have the perfect nutrients that your hair needs to be healthy and olive oil has amazing moisturizing properties, while the mayonnaise gives you hair strength.

 Leave for 1-2 hours and wash your hair normally.  See recipe below: