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My Experience with Hair Extensions!

As I said in my previous blog about hair extensions, I have tried many hair extension styles, clip-on, sew-in and lastly taped. So far I have had a great experience with Hair System Extensions’  taped extensions. I had it for a couple of months and my hair had never looked so amazing and natural. It’s actually a very fast procedure to put the taped extensions on and you just go to them retaped them every 2 months. The maintenance is also very easy, just wash it normally. I recommend to use Siu Tse Shampoo and Conditioner treatment with Argan oil so you can preserve a silky glow to your hair. Find  all Aragan Oil  products at and if you are looking for extensions please visit and use promo code DARLN20 for 20% off your purchase.  


Hair System Extensions Experience


More than having my hair long I was I need of getting volume since my hair is so thin. That's why I decided to try one more time hair extensions! I have used hair extensions since I was seventeen, believe me, i have tried it all. First, i tried the version where they braid your hair and sew you the extension, yes you read well they "sew it to your head" but don't panic they sewn it just through the braid. I find this version very uncomfortable, first because of the pain the day after is horrible since the braid is so tight, you get a lot of knots down there and when you don't want it anymore I felt I lost have of my real hair when I took it off. The other version I tried was the clip extensions since I didn't want a permanent thing. I like it because you can take it on and off but at the same time throughout the day it start to hurt and you can feel it when you touch your head, how grouse. So having those experiences I decided to get the tape hair extensions and I think I took the best decision, I just can't believe how natural they look and how you can't even feel them when you are touching your hair. The brand I had applied are Hair System Extensions, they are 100% remy virgin hair and this version lasts over two months and you just go back to get retouches. Totally worth it now I have an amazing length, fuller hair, and most important natural looking hair.

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