Your guide to Eyelash Extensions


Have you seen my eyes before and after the eyelash extensions? Wow! One looks naked and the other one is like ready to party! Now my eyes and face look flawless thanks to Jacquelyn, a Miami based Cosmetologist & the owner of @lashscouts. She definitely did an amazing job with my eyelashes making them look perfect and natural. It's was my first time and I loved it, the best thing is that you can choose between different styles depending on how you want your eyes to look. Personally I like them natural and a little bit fuller but if you're feeling to look more dramatic & sexy you can choose from a fuller style to even a cat eye style !

I asked Jacquie some frequent questions about Eyelash extensions: 

Jacqueline Owner of  @lashscouts

Jacqueline Owner of @lashscouts

-How long do the lashes last?

" It depends on how you take care of them, they could last from 2 to 4 weeks but I recommend to do refills every two weeks so your eyes can always look flawless!"

-Are the lashes going to do any harm to my own eyelashes?

" If you get them done by a certified professional they shouldn't do any harm to your own lashes."

-If anyone is interested to learn the eyelash extensions technique what do they need?

"First; if you want to work as an eyelash extension professional you have to be a cosmetologist or have a beauty professional backgorund. I offer different courses teaching the eyelash extension techniques in which you can be lashing and certified in just four hours! And even if you are not certified as beauty professional you can do the courses just to learn and have a fun time with your friends."

Here are @Lashscouts services & rates: 

✦ Eyelash extension services

✦ $250 full set | $125 fill

✦ Products for sale

✦ Exclusive training by Jacquelyn

✦ Classic | Volume

CONTACT: ✦ 305-721-2580