Where to Find Dresses for Special Occasions


For me sometimes is difficult to find cocktail or formal dresses for special events because is either that I can’t find the specific style that I want or is just to expensive because I’m going to probably wear it once. So thats why I wanted to give you some website that are my go to when I need dresses for an event or a special occasion! The one I’m wearing now is from Iorane a Brazilian brand based in Miami but it also sales online.  


off course one of my favorites is


they have amazing dresses for different occasions. 

 My go to sites are:

1. Revolve

They have a great selection of formal dresses for every occasion and also their prices are in between $100-$600

Here are some of my favorite styles they have right now:


2. Rent the Runway

Sometimes you are proabably going to wear that dress once so Rent the Runway is great because you can rent a designer dress for a great price (they send you two sizes) and you just return it when you are done.

Here are some of my favorite styles:

3. Fwrd:

From all the clothing website Fwrd is by far my favorite! They only sell designer clothing but you can find dresses from $300 and up.

4. Asos

 In Asos you can find anything! I love it because is super fast shipping and you have a lot of options to choose from.


5. Meshki


6. Catwalk Connection


7. House CB


8. Oh Polly

9. Pinko


10. Misha Collection


11. Pretty Little Thing

12. Shopbop