Festival fashion

Coachella Style

Day 1: 

My experience at Coachella was amazing but being a first timer also teach me many things. First better fly to Palm Springs airport than to LA airport, I made that mistake and when we got to the airport our hotel was 3 hours alway, Yes 3 F$&kn hours to the desert!!!!! We thought like oh well there should be a shuttle since the hotel is that far, well there was but was $200 dollars!! LIKE WHAT??? So that wasn't an option since it was basically buying another plain ticket so we decided to rent a car and was the best decision. It was super cheap and instead of going straight to the hotel we did a LA kind of tour since it was my first time in Cali. After we drove to the Hotel which was amazing we stayed at the Westin Desert Willow villas which was very convenient since the Coachella shuttle that takes you to the festival stoped exactly by our lobby. The next day was our first day at Coachella and I learn two things The desert is HOOOOOOT AF and heels are not your best friend. I was basically the only person wearing leather pants lol but wathever they looked so fab and actually a lot of people complement me on my outfit :) 


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Top, Belt, Jacket: Seta Apparel

Day 2:  

This day we decided to leave a little be later like at 3 to the festival since the first day we were sweating like pigs because the sun from 12pm-3pm is basically an oven, so that time was perfect. We took some pictures with the most amazing sun light because the California sky is rare to find a cloud so lightning is GOALS! We walk around ate pizza almost everyday, pretty bad. They had told me the food there was good but we didn't have a good experience with it and was also kind of expensive, $13 dollars for a mini burger with NO fries!!!  Yes NO FRIES how dare they!!! And $10 for one scoop of ice cream, how sad! What do you do with one scoop of ice cream! But overall was a great day we ride the wheel and the view was amazing, recommend to ride it day 1 or 2 because day 3 the line is the worst. Also Lady Gaga sang that day so the show was pretty dope. 


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Shorts & Hat: Tobi.com

Jacket & Belt: Seta Apparel

Swim: Agua Bendita


 Day 3:

That day when you wake up and you can't anymore with life! Well that was my third day I was already exhausted since you need to walk a lifetime literally just to get from point A to B and add the heels to the equation! My feet were swollen like two potatoes but off course it was my last outfit so I had to be fab and had bought this fab high boots just for Coachella so I had to wear them. So I sucked it up and keep going lol. We got that day a little earlier than the day before and we enter not by the shuttle entrance but by the car entrance and realize that they had lockers, damn if i knew that the days before would had brought my change shoes. Also another good thing they have is a few stations were they have plugs were you can charge your phone. Well overall that day we were really tired we saw a couple artist, took pictures and call it a day! Coachella is a must go and I'm looking forward for next year!



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Outfit: Seta Apparel