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Where to Find Dresses for Special Occasions


For me sometimes is difficult to find cocktail or formal dresses for special events because is either that I can’t find the specific style that I want or is just to expensive because I’m going to probably wear it once. So thats why I wanted to give you some website that are my go to when I need dresses for an event or a special occasion! The one I’m wearing now is from Iorane a Brazilian brand based in Miami but it also sales online.  


off course one of my favorites is


they have amazing dresses for different occasions. 

 My go to sites are:

1. Revolve

They have a great selection of formal dresses for every occasion and also their prices are in between $100-$600

Here are some of my favorite styles they have right now:


2. Rent the Runway

Sometimes you are proabably going to wear that dress once so Rent the Runway is great because you can rent a designer dress for a great price (they send you two sizes) and you just return it when you are done.

Here are some of my favorite styles:

3. Fwrd:

From all the clothing website Fwrd is by far my favorite! They only sell designer clothing but you can find dresses from $300 and up.

4. Asos

 In Asos you can find anything! I love it because is super fast shipping and you have a lot of options to choose from.


5. Meshki


6. Catwalk Connection


7. House CB


8. Oh Polly

9. Pinko


10. Misha Collection


11. Pretty Little Thing

12. Shopbop








Velvet Blues

I'm in love with this Velvet blue dress from TOBI is so romantic and sexy at the same time! I for sure will wore it for a date night dinner or cocktail event, i think you couldn't go wrong with this dress. OBSESSED 

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Photography: @nicolegonzalezz_