Malibu Wine Safari


Wanted to share with you guys my awesome experience at Malibu Wine Safari! I always wanted to go and finally decide to do a road trip there while I was in LA. 

The Wine farm is located in Malibu, a one hour drive from Los Angeles, but worth it! The drive is very scenic and breathtaking, you get to see the most beautiful views of the Pacific Coast.


 During the Safari you can either hike or take the safari cars, both different experiences. If you pick the cars you drive around the farm and had wine tasting at every station you stop. While the hiking you only do wine tasting at the end but you get to see some hidden gems of the property.

I highly recommend anyone to reserve the safari tour in advance, they are usually always booked.

Link to book:  Malibu Wine Safaris


They main attraction is this handsome guy named Stanley! He is the sweetest, and he is actually a retired actor (no joke). Stanley has appeared in several movies including "The Hangover 3". He is 10 years old and has his one Instagram account: @a_giraffe_named_stanley

Not only do you see giraffes but, also zebras, llamas, donkeys & other animals. You get the chance tofeed them all. They are super friendly & fatty.


At the end of the tour you get to relax and enjoy a wine tasting session with selected wines from the farm. Defintely worth the go, it’s great to go with a group of friends is super fun! They also clebrate birthdays, bachelorettes and wedding at the property. The farm is privately own by a family and all the staff are super nice and fun. I really enjoy the wine tasting, the wine is amazing and it’s all made at the farm.